AttachingIT Secure Email

Due to new privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) organisations are forced to improve their technological and organizational measures in protecting personal data and preventing data breaches. One of the technological environments that processes and archives a lot of personal data is email. At AttachingIT we provide companies not only with a solution that helps them to secure their email according to the guidelines of the GDPR, but it helps the user pro-actively in preventing data breaches. As we all know human error is the root cause of most data breaches. Our smart filter tool warns the user if any privacy policy related content is detected in an email. If this is the case, pre-set policies within the system are activated and the e-mail is for example automatically encrypted or protected with SMS authentication. In the scenario that personal data has been sent to the wrong recipient, we offer the user tools to track the e-mail. Has the email actually been opened and have the files been downloaded? If not, the user is able to block the e-mail after it has been sent, making it inaccessible for the recipient. This way the organisation is protected from a potential data breach. The best thing about it all is that our solution is easy to use and adoptive, even to the most non-technical users.