Opportunities In Finance And Payment Innovation

We have entered a new era of finance. Innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence offer radical new opportunities, while new fintech concepts challenge the status quo and accelerate disruption. To be a startup that matters, innovators must improve customer experience while also protecting data and privacy.

Innovations in finance, payment services and insurance have the power to transform the playing field entirely. To jump on the bandwagon, financial organizations will have to embrace innovative concepts and technologies to improve services and user experiences that will satisfy future consumers.

The Trust Paradox In Banking

Nearly 80 percent of bankers strongly agree that they are exposed to more risks than they are equipped to handle as a digital business.

The Future Of Payments

Around 61% of consumers welcome open access to their finances so they can see checking account or credit card balances when paying with any mobile app.

Fintech’s Golden Age

Investment in financial technology ventures climbed to $22.3 billion in 2015. This is an incredible amount of growth when compared to the $1.8 billion in 2010 and $12.6 billion in 2014.

Fintech’s Global Future

Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global FinTech investment market to grow at a tremendous CAGR of more than 54% during 2016-2020. Fintech will be an integral part of our future.

Modern technologies such as public cloud, blockchain, open api’s, artificial intelligence and the internet of things keep bringing disruptive promise and potential to evolve the industry —and in some cases even society in general.

—Giel Miseré — Theme Lead – Finance


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