After the announcement of the Top 25, the Accenture Innovation Awards’ (AIA) journey has officially begun, and the first official event in which the Top 25 innovators gather per every theme is near.

The Summer Nights on September 4 and 6 will be taking place in eight different locations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During this time, the contestants will get the opportunity to prove themselves after which the Top 10 will be selected. As always, collaboration will be encouraged, but between networking and opportunity the question remains: why has the AIA18 decided that the Summer Nights will take place at eight different locations? What’s the secret? Read more to find out.

Education: September 4, 14:30-19:30 at Tobacco Theater, Amsterdam

At Tobacco Theater, art and business meet and strengthen each other. That is because the Theater can be found in the cultural heart of Amsterdam, where business and trade intertwine. They say that the love for design and history of this unique theater is contagious. Its industrial design and the iconic location cannot be missed!

Mobility: September 6, 14:00-21:30 at Museum’T Kromhout, Amsterdam

For Mobility innovators, Museum ’t Kromhout is the place to be. Why? Because the museum’s exhibition explains everything there is to know about shipbuilding; you will also find all sorts of steam and internal combustion engines there. It is the ultimate museum about the history of mobility. This old-fashioned venue smells of sea water, iron and oil, which will not only put you in a nostalgic mood, but the old cars parked around the museum’s bar will also certainly get the gears of our innovators grinding.

Nutrition: September 6, 14:30-19:30 at De Ceuvel, Amsterdam

De Ceuvel is a great location for Nutrition competitors as it’s said to be one of the most sustainable and unique urban developments in Europe. The project is composed of retrofitted houseboats placed around a wooden walkway, surrounded by plants. Its goal is to use new technologies to show visitors how nutrient cycles work through soil-cleaning plants. De Ceuvel does all of this while functioning as a creative office location. This is applied sustainability. It is no wonder that the location really inspires one to think of alternative food solutions (FoodTech).

Living & Working: September 6, 14:30-19:30 at CIRCL, Amsterdam

The Living & Working innovators must be excited to present their concepts at CIRCL; an ABN AMRO building set up to conform to the circular economy standards. To make this possible, ABN AMRO collected around 16,000 pairs of old jeans from their employees and integrated them into the ceiling to serve as insulation material. The window frames of the building have been made from demolished office buildings. To top that off, 500 solar panels have been installed on the roof and the building runs on Direct Current (DC) to decrease the loss of energy. What an inspirational story! Construction companies in the Netherlands and all over the world can learn so much from this example. Due to its incredible backstory, CIRCL is the venue to host meetings on social and economic issues, focusing on new solutions and groundbreaking ideas related to circular economy.

Security: September 6, 14:30-19:30 at Pampus Eiland, Amsterdam

Why was Pampus Eiland, an artificial island close to Amsterdam, selected to represent the Security theme? After the Franco-German War in 1870, the Dutch government decided to fortify the area around Amsterdam to protect it from potential attacks. So, Pampus Eiland was created; not only does it have historical significance, but the fact that it plays such a crucial role in monitoring access to Amsterdam and defending the country, it is an icon for the Security Theme.  

Health: September 6, 16:00-22:00 at Wicked Grounds, Amsterdam

Why was Wicked Grounds selected to represent the Health theme? The work spaces within it inspire creativity and innovation, a must have in today’s discussion around Health. To add to that, a quick look at their website shows a list of delicious and healthy food with plenty of Vegan options!

Climate: September 6, 16:30-22:00 at C-Beta, Hoofddorp

For the Climate-themed innovators, the location is heavenly. Located in Schiphol Trade Park, close to the airport, it has enough space for circular economy experiments. The inside of the building has been renovated and redecorated with circular material, infra-red heat panels and circular furniture, in line with the goal of the owners to make it the most sustainable work location in Europe. It’s known for being a place where creative minds meet to share their knowledge and put their circular ambitions into practice. Also, the location is only for lease, not for sale, because in circular economy it is not the ownership that matters – it is the use that does. Can you think of a better location?

Finance: September 6, 17:00-22:00 at Infinity, Amsterdam

The Infinity building in Amsterdam is to represent Finance-themed competitors in that it used to be the headquarters of the famous ING Bank. This building used to represent our financial ecosystem. Its history and innovative postmodern design were why it has been chosen to inspire our AIA18 Finance participants to think about FinTech and future developments in the industry.

There is a lot to be excited about during the Summer Nights Event. With every ‘Summer Night’ taking place in a different, spectacular location, each of the Top 25 innovators per theme will certainly gain energy and inspiration to continue the battle and bring their best to the next round of the AIA18 journey. Bring it on, Top 25!