The Accenture Innovation Awards Class of 2018 has officially begun its exciting journey!  

After months of exhilarating events and inspiring innovations, our registration deadline for the Accenture Innovation Awards (AIA2018 has arrived. Our energetic AIA18 team has strived to make this years journey an unforgettable experience. So, what’s next? What exciting events are there to attend? The article below will guide you through the Innovation journey in explaining how the Jury Voting takes place and what you can expect from the Summer Nights, Semi-Finals and finally the grand Finals at the Innovation Summit.

Jury Voting

The AIA Class of 2018 must first go through jury voting. All innovations will be evaluated by an independent jury. From the 23rd of July to the 3rd of August, the jury will have to select their top 25 AIA’18 participants per theme. The jury will be composed of business professionals from the government and various industries, but former AIA winners, influencers and theme experts will take part too. Examples of the theme juries include:


Michel van Schaik

Director of Healthcare


Edwill Jansen

Regional VP Financial Services


Martin Diepeveen

Education Lead


Bernard Fortuyn

Member of the board


Onno Benninga

Industry Director


Deborah Nas

Professor Strategic design


Kees de Gooijer



Didier Jacobs

Director Global IT Office

Having celebrated, well-known brands in the jury is something to be proud of. With the help of the jury, top innovators will be selected and move to the next round of the game. Take a look at all our jury members responsible for picking the top innovators of AIA18.


How will the jury assess our participants? We have come up with a fun, interactive tool that will be used for the assessment. You are familiar with Tinder, right? The tool is based on a similar principle. Every participant has answered a couple of questions about their innovation and which global problems they are helping to solve. After examining this and other critical information about the participant, the jury then swipes left or right to either skip a participant or “upvote” them. This is the process in a nutshell.


Who are the AIA innovators? Many companies, big or mid-sized, have registered to win the prizes of this year. They all share a common goal: to tackle global challenges with their own innovation and revolutionary ideas. Those global challenges are sorted into increasingly relevant themes, such as living & working (smart homes and city innovation is a hot topic), security (driving digital trust and accelerating developments in cyber security are essential for a digital world), climate (global warming is a reality that needs to be addressed) and education (how will technology help close the skill gap and create jobs). And this is just a taste of the innovations that will be discussed at AIA’18.

To learn more about the AIA themes, click here.

Summer Nights

Next to the jury voting, there is still much to look forward to. The world of tech doesn’t sleep, and neither should you. On the 6th of September, during the Innovation Summer Nights, the top 25 innovators in each of the eight themes will assemble, after which the top 10 innovators per theme will be announced. This is the first part of the competition where contestants will have a chance to prove themselves. During this event, networking will be omnipresent, collaboration will be encouraged, and the top 10 innovators will be invited to pitch their idea at the semi-finals. Off we go!

Image: Summer Nights

The Semi-finals

The 4th of October is yet another key date to write into your agenda, because that is when the semi-finals take place. Excitement and passion will be shared among the AIA team, the participants and the jury. The top 80 innovators will pitch their innovations, after which the top 5 innovators per theme (40) will be announced. In other words, the semifinals is a stage when some of the best innovators will be disclosed and hence a lot of euphoria will spread in the atmosphere. Where is this event going to be held? The Innovation Expo in Rotterdam will be the venue, which is where the Dutch government tackles social challenges using a global approach. For the non-Dutchies, this is a great opportunity to get to know one of the largest and most touristic city in the Netherlands. So, make sure you take part in this engaging event! 

Image: Semi-Finals

Finals at the Innovation Summit

Finally, our destination will appear on the horizon with The Innovation Summit and the finals on the 2nd of November. This is the absolute climax of our competition. During this event, the finalists will pitch their unique ideas for the last time, after which the best eight innovations of 2018 will be announced. This is the ultimate peak of our long journey together. Champagne will be poured, business cards will be exchanged, and a lot of stories will be shared. Our summit is truly incomparable to all other Tech events; it leaves our audience talking about it with love for weeks after. Missing out is not an option. Come enjoy living the future; see you there!

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