Terms & Conditions

Curious what the Terms and Conditions are when you join the Innovation Awards competition? Find out more here.

Calling all innovators

We invite all innovations to enter the Innovation Awards from organizations of all sizes, with the following characteristics:

  1. Your innovation was introduced no longer than 3 years ago on the market.
  2. Our juries like products and services they can experience and test. You need to have a beta release available in the market.
  3. Your product or service is available on the Dutch market or has the intention to go the Netherlands.
  4. You understand our awards process – and commit to presenting in person to our juries in the pitch round (semi finals) and in the final (October 27th).


Registration is free. Costs for travel and other expenses will not be reimbursed. Accenture does not accept liabilities for risks in the awards process.

The route to success

We ask innovators to adhere to the process we designed to maximize the value for all parties involved:

  1. Registration for Innovation Awards 2017 is opened from April 3rd tot July 31st 2017. Accenture has the right to extend the registration period.
  2. When the registrations for 2017 close, the same day the pre-registration for 2018 opens.
  3. Social Voting starts June 2017 (see social voting details below).
  4. On September 25th,the top 10 per theme are invited to pitch for the juries. In person. In Amsterdam. If you cannot arrange an in person presentation you will be dropped from the competition.
  5. On October 27th, the 5 finalists per theme will pitch for the jury and a crowd at the finals – at the Innovation Summit. If you cannot arrange an in-person presentation you will be dropped from the competition.

Get social. Engage your crowd.

The social voting process starts in June. The concept with most social votes wins the Innovation Award Public Price, will get to pitch at the Innovation Summit in October and gets a similar award cheque as the jury winners (see below). A term-price will be awarded every 2 weeks – with most public votes in the 14-day term. These term-prices will get publicity and a chance to pitch at the finals event in October.

A term winner must always be appointed. A concept can only win one term, so the term winner of the 1st term can not win the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. If the term winner of the 1st term finishes at the end of the 2nd term again at the first place, the title goes to number 2 in that term. Winners of the 1st and 2nd terms can’t win the 3rd term. And so it also applies to other terms. If there are concepts with an equal number of social votes in a term, the concept with the shortest term of participating social voting will win.

The fame, the glory & prizes

Winners of jury prizes and the Public Prize winners get a “bundle” of services and products offered by partners of the Innovation Awards. Specific terms and conditions will be communicated to the winners.

Please do not cheat

We will withdraw participants from the competition when there is a dispute about the ownership of Intellectual Property rights – or when fraudulent public voting behavior occurs.

The rules are:

  1. We will exclude you from the competition if a legal court has ruled that your innovation is acting in breach of intellectual property rights.
  2. When in public voting large volumes of votes are casted for a project which seem to have no logical tie to the concept and cannot be explained by the concept owner. The illegal votes will be removed from the count and repeated fraudulent voting will lead to exclusion from the competition.

Play fair. Do not harm the interest of other participants, partner organizations, Accenture or any other party involved in the process. We will exclude you from the competition if we feel your actions harm others.



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